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SSL Secure Link - The best solution for SSL streaming!

Get an HTTPS address that simply forwards to your existing streaming address and make your website HTTPS compliant.

Advantages of SSL Secure Link

 After addressing a number of our visitors and clients with problems that their radio stations are mostly not heard on modern browsers, as well as on Android and Apple devices, we decided to design and launch a new service that will solve ALL these problems.
The SSL Secure Link service is coming to you right now. Now we have an exceptional solution at promotional prices.

 Some streaming providers were able to offer port 80 proxying to stations so that their streams could be used in offices and other locations that were behind firewalls that would block any non-standard port. Now, as more and more browsers penalize unsafe sites, we are happy to offer users port 443 streaming for ANY existing streaming servers.
 Port 443 streams mean that your audio stream will be future-proof and available to a largest number of networks and browsers that are penalizing non-SSL sites. You do not have to change your streaming provider, we can provide you with a port 443 stream, that will forward to your existing streaming server and allow you to serve content over a secure, SSL, port 443.
 If you want to get an SSL Secure Link, just enter your existing streaming server link (destination server) and we'll provide you with a secure HTTPS URL address, running on port 443, meaning your stream is not only secure, but via port 443 available to most listeners, who otherwise have non-standard ports blocked and therefore cannot listen to your stream.
 Another great feature of our port 443 service is that once you sign up, you will be assigned a secure URL over port 443 which will never change, even if you change your streaming provider, that means you’ll never have to worry about updating your stream URLs every time you change your streaming provider, just create a support ticket and your SSL Secure Link will automatically point to your new streaming provider.
 We tested the new secure port 443 connection on Android and Apple mobile devices and they work flawlessly. Try the sample links below and see how they work for you. We also tested SSL Secure Link (port: 443) on Responsive Radio Player (embedded player or popup player) and again it works great! As you can see below, Port 443 also works with standard audio player code.

SSL Secure Link

Why get SSL Secure Link?

● Very easy and quick setup
● Works On TuneIN, Chrome, Firefox, Everywhere
● Secure SSL Radio Link
● Constant link for your radio streaming
● Bypass Corporate Firewalls
● Add Port 443 Player On Site
● Example link:
● Amazon Alexa Use SSL With Alexa App
● Add SSL Radio Player On Site
● Supports SHOUTCast, IceCast, & More!
● We use the most modern encryption - TLS1.3

Things to know!

This SSL Secure Link does not override your current radio links. This item creates a new fully secure radio link, so your current links will not display the SSL icon. Our SSL Secure Links are great for those needing a secure web radio player on their web site.
These links also work great with Amazon Alexa or broadcasters who change streaming providers a lot.
You can use SSL Secure Link even if your server does not have a domain, but only an IP address.
 Just use our SSL Secure Link in all these places and then, if you need to update your stream or you change providers, simply create a support ticket with your new information (new ip and port number) and we will make the changes.
 See examples of these three radio players with secure and non-secure links. You will notice that the third party player will not work, or the browser will warn you about unsafe content. The warning will not go away and you would have to refresh the page. If you are only warned, know that this will certainly not be the case in the future.

Secure Link

● Our SSL Secure Link
● Standard audio player

Secure Link

● Our SSL Secure Link
● SSL Radio Player from site

Non-Secure Link

● The SSL icon warns!
● Or the player does not work.

If you have additional questions about the SSL Secure Link service or require technical support, please contact us from here: Contact
If SSL Secure Link is exactly what you need, please fill in the fields below correctly and choose the period of use you want.

Your SSL link will be created and permanent shortly after payment.

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